Worship is a co-created sacred space where we as the gathered community lift up what is most important to us, hold at the center our experiences, our joys, our sorrows, commit and recommit to being in relationship, a reminder that we are not alone in all that we are facing. I have had the privilege of working with well established worship committees and worship associates who have added depth and meaning to the services. I enjoy working with lay leaders in worship and strive to bring in different voices to each service. For my ministry, the worship service is the center, a culmination of all that we are trying to do in our communities, from deepening relationships, to rallying for justice, to exploring creativity and music, to having fun together, all of this can be found in worship.

Worship is also our chance to practice a deeper meaning of community. I enjoy rotating through the different types of worship services, some more social justice focused, some pastoral, some all ages, some ritual based, some an interesting mix of all the categories. With this style, there are some services that resonate with some people more than others, as it is with any worship service. It is my goal and hope that we continue to show up for one another because though a ritual service may not be one person’s preferred Sunday, it is important to someone else, and we show up for each other each week. When we deepen community in worship, we deepen community in every area of our church life. 

harveydanicomputerThe transition to online worship has required us to have all hands on deck! While online worship requires a bit more time behind the computer than it did before, it remains an important way we connect as a community. We can share stories, music, energy, emotions, all that we come to need and love in worship is possible even when we meet online. It also also created a chance for some creative play. See the Time for All Ages videos on the tab under worship for some examples! 

 Dynamic. Energetic. Intelligent. Challenging. Heartfelt. Exuberant. These words only begin to describe worship services led by Rev. Danielle Lindstrom. She has the remarkable gift to create a welcoming worship space that reaches out to ALL- while at the same time making one feel as though the message was personally gifted to them.  Her genuine spirit shines brightly through her finely crafted and relevant homilies and her creative, thought-provoking rituals. To be witness to Rev. Danielle’s ministry is both a privilege and a blessing.

Kathy Dickensheets, Beacon Music Director